jueves, 28 de noviembre de 2013

Expire love.

Random thoughts of the day…

Let's please stop for a minute and think now…is it me or do people seem to fall in love more in winter? It can’t be the clothes, right? One cannot physically be attracted to a man only showing his (red) nose. Then what is it? Our survival instinct to stay warm? This will never sieze to amaze me. Mysteries of the human species. Moving on.

Falling in love… why falling? Does your head fall? Do you fall off the planet? In a way I guess you do, when you are in a relationship you seem to lose track of the exterior world, in a good way? Another thing I will never fully comprehend. 

One thing I do know for certain…

Falling in love in an era where even telephones have an expiration date is exhasperating. Frustrating. Pointless. Tiring. 
Perhaps this is my opinion after a trail of failed relationships and years (not THAT many) of dating. Yes, relationships should complement you, make you laugh, but not complete you. 
I remember a time when we used to think we were enough, our goals, our ambitions, now it seems to me that if you don't share it with your significant other (argh), it's not worth anything. 
Repeat after me: nothing is forever. So be happy in your own skin, it's the only thing you're stuck with for life. 

Yes, this cold in Madrid is making me cynical. Love me as it is! 

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